My Author Pro courses, services, and free guides are designed to make your writing and publishing adventure as easy as possible, whether your goal is to traditionally or independently publish. These are the courses that I wish had been available to me!

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1-Hour Consultation $50

1-hour discussion/Q&A on any publishing/writing topics. (After completing your purchase, you will fill out a survey, and we’ll schedule a time to talk.) Learn more here . . .

Quick Consultation (30-minutes) $25

30-minute discussion/Q&A on any publishing/writing topics. (After completing your purchase, you will fill out a survey, and we’ll schedule a time to talk.) Learn more here . . .

Query Letter Edit $50

Let me help you create a precisely written query that grabs the attention of agents and/or editors.  (Turn-around time 14 days or less.) Learn more here . . .

Publication Path Consultation $50

A 1-hour conversation to guide you toward the best path for publication based on your goals, writing genre, and project readiness. (After completing your purchase, you will fill out a survey, and we’ll schedule a time to talk.) Learn more here . . .

Online Author Image – Professional Audit $99

If you already have an established online image, this service is for you! 
I’ll audit your online presence, considering best practices, consistency, and professional use across multiple platforms.  In addition to a website check, you can choose four other sites or social media platforms for review, like your profile on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram or your Goodreads or Amazon Author Central page. Learn more here . . .


Independent Publishing Blueprint $99

A comprehensive discussion of the pros & cons of independent, hybrid, and traditional publishing, along with a step-by-step approach or blueprint that will allow you to successfully publish your book independently. We’ll cover everything from business concerns to ebooks, paperbacks, audiobooks and much, much more! View the details here . . .

How to Promote Your Books with Traditional Media $99

Yes, you can promote your books with traditional media!!
Learn how to find and connect with local, regional, and statewide media outlets in order to be featured in newspapers & magazines or on television & radio stations. I’ll teach you strategies for finding an attention-grabbing hook and building a professional media kit, including a well-written press release, book information sheet, and more! Learn more here . . .

Listen Up! Audiobook Production for Authors $99

We’ll discuss why audiobooks can be a great way to expand your author revenue stream and examine the pros and cons of the two most popular production and distribution companies, ACX and Findaway Voices. You’ll get a detailed examination of the costs of each production method and the production timeline process along with tips on how to select your narrator, prepare your script, market your audiobook when you’re done and much more. Learn more here . . .

Building Your Online Author Image $159

How you present yourself online is a key component to your success as an author. 
The first impression people form about you will often come from digital sources like your website, social media accounts, book sales’ websites, blog and more. In this in-depth course you’ll learn how to create an engaging, professional, and consistent online image across multiple platforms. Learn more here . . .

Social Media for Authors $99

Learn how to set up and utilize five different social media platforms, focusing on guidelines for authors. We’ll cover Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube. Plus, we’ll review management tools to help you stay on top of your social media presence.  Learn more here . . .

Make the Most of Your Author Profile at Online Retailers $20

Learn how to utilize Amazon Author Central and your author profiles at other online retailers & book distributors. View the course here . . .

The Winner’s Circle: Are Writing Contests Worth the Fees $25

We all want a shiny gold sticker for our book cover! With more and more writing contests popping up every day, learn how to determine which contests are reputable, whether entry fees are acceptable, and how to make the most of an award win. View the course here . . .

How to Use Goodreads $20

Learn how to set up and use the features of your Goodreads author profile (with a few notes about other popular review sites.) View the course here . . .


10 Steps to Query Letter Writing Success– FREE Download

Good query letter writing seems like a mysterious process, but it needn’t be! In truth, writing a query letter is rather formulaic. I’ve split the process into ten manageable steps, so you can create a letter that will stand out from all the others.


7 Steps for the Beginning Writer – FREE Download

How to get started. Seven clear steps to follow for the beginning writer.


Manuscript Editing in Six Stages – FREE Download

Tackle whole manuscript editing with these six stages.


13 Book Marketing Tips – FREE Download

Today, I’m giving you my best 13 book marketing tips for before, during, and after your book launch.


Media Kit Checklist – FREE Download

Create your media kit with this handy checklist created just for authors.


Tools to Make Your Writing Life Easier – FREE Download

I’m devoting an entire guide to my favorite products and platforms that make my writing life easier. These are my secret weapons! (Well – not so secret anymore!)


Why you need an imprint! – FREE Download

The importance of establishing an imprint for independent publishing and how to set one up!


More courses will be added each quarter, so please check back!